Fondation de France in 2020: discover our annual report


A year of exceptional mobilization

Fondation de France is publishing its 2020 activity report. As the leading philanthropy network in France, it brings together 916 donors-advised funds, 539,255 donors, 521 volunteers and 226 employees. A total of €238.6 million was spent for the implementation and monitoring of 11,424 projects. This exercise in testimony, transparency, and reporting takes on a special dimension this year, due to the Covid-19 crisis. 

In light of this emergency, Fondation de France has gotten into action to meet the needs generated by the crisis, especially with the “United against the virus” alliance, created with Institut Pasteur and AP-HP (Paris hospitals) since March 24th. Throughout the year, the Alliance has stepped up to provide help for vulnerable people, support medical research, and assist stakeholders in healthcare. With its local approach, Fondation de France was able to be as close as possible to the territorial needs, thanks to the dynamism of its network of 6 regional foundations.

This year which was marked by the economic and social crisis, is an opportunity to illustrate the expertise, methods, know-how, and responsiveness which are specific to Fondation de France, and also to commit to new horizons on a long-term basis.

“During this challenging year, our organization was able to meet general interest, continue to inspire the desire for philanthropy, and develop new form of response to urgent needs. Those have drastically been increased by the crisis and have mostly been met. All this will require a strong mobilization to repair, consolidate, and continuation to transform”, as declared by Pierre Sellal, Fondation de France President. 


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