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Corporate governance

The Fondation de France is a private organization that runs its action programs through support from generous donors and sponsors. Its corporate governance is founded on two key principles: transparency and collegiality.

Three questions to understand our corporate governance

1. Who defines Fondation de France strategy?

The Board of Directors defines the foundation’s strategy and manages how it is implemented. It also votes on the budget and action programs, approves the accounts, monitors financial management and ensures legal compliance.

The President of the Board of Directors is elected for a four-year term, renewable once. All positions on the Board of Directors and other expert committees are voluntary roles. The President appoints the Executive Director who works with the Management Committee to ensure that the strategy is effectively implemented.

The Management Committee is responsible for making proposals and implementing decisions made by the Board of Directors. The Executive Director manages the executive structure and presents the strategy, action programs, accounts and budgets, as well as a proposed communications policy, to the Board Officers and the Board of Directors.

2018 Management Committee

Le comité de direction de la Fondation de France 2019

From left to right:

Axelle Davezac, Managing Director; Olivier Neumann, Finance Director; Sabine Lenglet, Director of Communications; Frédéric Théret, Director of Development; Alexia Henry, Legal and Tax Director; Dominique Lemaistre, Director of Sponsorship; Sophie Pourchet, Chief Information Officer

2. How is management quality guaranteed?

As well as the different external inspections, the Fondation de France has adopted a rigorous system of internal control. Every expense incurred is systematically ordered then settled by two different people. In addition, any payment over €150,000 must be signed off by two people.

In addition to our own budget and funds, we manage the capital of the 857 foundations we shelter, under the supervision of a Finance Committee which meets twice a year to ensure that goods, property and funds are being used properly and that our goals are being met.

More generally, five internal committees monitor the use of goods, property and funds: the finance committee, the audit committee, the gift committee, the foundations committee for supervision of individual funds, and the remuneration committee. The accuracy and transparency of annual accounts is certified by an auditor.


Because trust and rigor are key values for the Fondation de France, the way it operates is formally set out in its statutes, its rules and regulations and its financial management charter. Relations with founders are governed by terms and conditions and a bilateral agreement. Delegations of power are adopted by the Board of Directors.

3. How to monitor the way donations are being used?

The Fondation de France’s testators, 470,110 donors and 857 founders can allocate their donations to one or several specific causes. The Fondation de France scrupulously respects their wishes, providing them with detailed information through different media channels (website, social media, quarterly publications) and reporting on actions undertaken. For emergency operations, for example, we provide regular reports that are posted online and sent to donors. Finally, an annual report provides a detailed overview of our work throughout the year while a financial report gives an account of the Fondation de France’s activity, results and assets. The balance sheet and profit and loss statement highlight our key missions and are supported by a cash flow statement and a number of detailed notes.

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Certified governance

The Fondation de France is subject to external inspection (by La Cour des Comptes, France’s general accounting office; the French Ministry of Health and Solidarity, the Finance Department and Public Accounts). In 2015, our corporate governance was awarded the IDEAS label by the French institute for development of ethics and action for solidarity. The label certifies the use of best practices surrounding corporate governance, financial management and monitoring of our actions’ effectiveness. It is a guarantee of our reliability and trustworthiness for partners and donors.