Clinical research on psychic troubles

Since twelve years, the Fondation de France dedicates to psychic troubles a strong program of support medical and social. Its last call for tenders highlights key goals: better flagging troubles, improving individual life paths, supporting families, stopping discriminations. Set up in 2016, a second program supplements the latter through better axing on research. It aims at gathering fundamental and clinical approaches.

Two complementary programs against pathologies that have human and social consequences as ignored as painful.

Twelve millions of people are suffering from psychic troubles – which represents an overall cost of 13 billion euros, and 20 billion if we add the the social health care part to take into account. Towards the gravity of the phenomenon, the Fondation de France chose to launch its support program to psychic troubles in 2016. Solange  Guenez, in charge with the Medical Research program  explains : ”When launching a program the importance of the issue and the quality of the answers that are planned are not the only criteria to be considered. It is absolutely crucial to act at the right time: if too late, the intervention vanishes throughout existing initiatives. If too early, it has no impact.”

Interdisciplinarity is key

For 20 years now on, neurosciences have undergone incredible progresses whereas the understanding of the pathology of psychic troubles still remains fragmented. Pharmaceutical industry has been an important source of financing the study and the development of specific medicines. Yet, it has drastically reduced its investments. “Our new call for tenders intends to remedy to this issue” continues Fanny Herpin. “ In order to get a closer look at the reality of the pathology, it will strongly imply an interdisciplinary way of functioning. Fundamentalists researchers will have to team with teams of clinic specialists, epidemiologists etc.”. For 15 years, a synergy allowed the Fondation de France to advance knowledge on autism.