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The Fondation de France is the leading philanthropy network in France

The Fondation de France has been created in 1969 at the initiative of André Malraux. The objective: create a modern tool of philanthropy, both private and independent, in order to carry out educational, scientific, social or cultural “giving initiatives.”

When the Fondation de France was created, there were only 250 foundations in France. Today there are more than 4,000 funds and foundations, which spend 7.5 billion euros per year* to support the public interest.

The Fondation de France is the spearhead of philanthropic development. For many years, it has carried out in-depth work to consolidate and professionalize the philanthropic activity of foundations and develop their efficiency and ability to innovate. It has contributed to bringing structure to the sector by creating groups of professionals, with the notable creation of authoritative groups such as the French Foundation Center in 2002.

The Philanthropy Observatory

The Fondation de France created a watchdog organization in 1997 to monitor the expression and evolution of philanthropy in France. The Observatory is aimed at gathering interest of actors, donors, researchers, the media and more generally all those interested in the non-profit sector. Organizing studies on donor profiles, corporate philanthropy and the responsible behavior of companies, or the economic weight of French foundations and the nature of their founders improves understanding of these different forms of commitment to the public interest.

Because we believe in the strength and the exemplary character of their actions, we wanted to put a face on these entrepreneurs of solidarity by publishing their portraits in the media and on our website so that their stories resonate and inspire new vocations.

The philanthropy letter

Launched in 2015 by the Fondation de France, the philanthropy letter is a newsletter that provides updates on the sector’s latest events and trends. It completes the studies and meetings of the Observatory by discussing philanthropic news in France and abroad.