Un immeuble à Chicago aux couleurs Françaises après les attentats du 13 novembre à Paris.

Ensemble face au terrorisme

November 13 attacks in Paris

Flickr/Greg Wass/CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Message from Francis Charhon to all our American friends

Once again our country was hit by fanatics with little regard for life.

Our thoughts are for all our fellow citizens directly or indirectly affected by the tragedy of November 13. We share their sadness and offer them our sincere condolences.

To all our American friends who have expressed their support, we are grateful. Your support means a lot to us!

To all the American donors who have made contributions to Friends of Fondation de France and Fondation de France, we give our sincere thanks.

In these circumstances, more than ever, Fondation de France is an important actor for strengthening social ties and cohesion. In a time when appears the temptation to rejection of difference, Fondation de France helps people to get together on essential values: respect for others, benevolence, humanity, so that the extremists cannot win. Liberté, égalité, fraternité!

Francis Charhon,
Directeur général de la Fondation de France
& Chairman of the Board of Friends of Fondation de France


Donations made to Friends of Fondation de France in honor of the victims will support Fondation de France’s new program “Give for France dedicated to support organizations addressing the needs of victims of attacks and their families, and healing from terrorism and radicalization, through educational programs and citizenship initiatives.