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Who are we?

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A Foundation for all causes

Supporting every desire to act in the general interest

Every one of us has the power to act in the general interest. This conviction has been driving the Fondation de France for the last 50 years. Each day, it encourages and channels every desire to take action, with one goal: to transform these desires into useful and effective actions to build a more worthy and fairer society.

As the leading philanthropic network in France, the Fondation de France operates in every region to bring together donors, founders, volunteers and operatives in the field. It provides every different stakeholder with the support they need to ensure their actions are as effective as possible, regardless of the field of general interest in which they operate, whether it be helping vulnerable people, medical research, the environment, culture, education, etc.

Practically speaking, this is achieved through two methods of intervention

To enable donors to take action in their chosen field(s), the Fondation de France develops its own action programs.

This multi-cause expertise is also vital for private donors or companies that can benefit from customized support such as expert advice, methodological support, funding, networking, exchange of best practices, etc.

To transform every desire to act into useful and long-lasting actions for the general interest, the Fondation de France develops unique expertise

Expertise in all societal issues​

The Fondation de France calls on the voluntary support of the very best experts in every field of general interest including solidarity, health, the environment, medical research, employment and culture. Through this collegial, multidisciplinary approach we can tackle issues from every dimension and identify the best triggers for action without any preconceived ideas.

Action on the right scale – a local scale

The Fondation de France operates in the field, both in France and on a worldwide scale. To do this, we call on the most effective operatives, all well established in their local areas. We give priority to projects that encourage those who stand to benefit to get involved, because their participation ensures that the action carried out in their favor will be effective.

An ability to act at the right rate, adapted to an emergency situation, a trial period, or a long-term action

While the Fondation de France is able to react quickly in emergency situations, we always make a long-term commitment. To make a difference and produce lasting, formative solutions we have to give ourselves time. Time to try new ideas, experiment with new ways of doing things and take the risks that are essential for innovation.

Constantly sharing our experience

Over the last 50 years, the Fondation de France has built up an unrivaled wealth of experience. Through get-togethers, workshops and training sessions, we maintain an ecosystem in which our strengths are exchanged and pooled to develop the commitment of each individual and strengthen our effectiveness as a whole.

With 50 years of experience, the Fondation de France is the leading philanthropic network in France

Key figures for 2018

The Fondation de France is:

857 sheltered funds and foundations
470,110 donors
206 employees
553 volunteers
32 program expert committees
6 regional foundations
• €187 million allocated for implementing and monitoring 10,000 projects, in our five areas of action:
-  €68.6 million helping vulnerable people
- €18.8 million working towards a sustainable environment
-  €76 million supporting research and education
-  €22.2 million promoting culture and creation
-  €1.4 million developing philanthropy

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