West Africa: develop local family farming to feed cities

Why is it important?

Today, 842 million people - whom three quarters of, live in rural areas, are still suffering from hunger. Family farming is at the very heart of today’s challenges. The world’s leading employer and source of agricultural investment, they ensure 70% of global food production. They offer considerable potential for successful energy and ecological transitions while playing a key role in the fight against poverty, hunger, unemployment, rural flight, pollution and climate change.

2014, the year of family farming

To support the emergence of lasting solutions to this crisis, the Fondation de France created a program in 2009 to promote family farming in West Africa, and since then has initiated and supported many other projects and programs presented here. We have a long-standing commitment to family farming and are constantly innovating in this direction.

In 2014, the year of family farming, the Fondation de France intensified its actions in this area by backing multiple projects: support for local innovation, promotion of innovative practices, creation of cooperative and collaborative relationships, organization of events, etc.