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« There is an urgent need to act sustainably » by Axelle Davezac


In 2019 Fondation de France celebrated its 50th anniversary. Being 50 today means experience, maturity… and plans for the future!

For our organisation, this 50th anniversary has been the opportunity to look back and pinpoint what makes us unique, our added value for the years to come. At a time where there is always something new, urgent, going on… philanthropy has been given a precious gift : time. Private generosity, wherever it comes from, isn’t affected by trends or politics. Flexibility and freedom are undoubtedly markers of any philanthropic action, but patience and consistency are also its strengths. Both quick to mobilize during emergencies and able to anchor its action in time in order to attain afficiency, Fondation de France can be devoted to emerging causes, clear new paths, and address poorly covered social needs. And most of all, it can persevere.

Being one step ahead and betting on the long-term: these are what makes our philanthropic community great. Yesterday, for Fondation de France, this freedom of spirit and action meant committing towards autism, palliative care or integenerational housing… Today, we are growing by supporting thousands of innovative projects in areas such as new agriculture, preventing and helping mental illnesses or welcoming migrants. These are all challenges for the future, which cannot be readily answered. Private generosity, in all its shapes and forms, has the power to help those who expriment, those who test, those who assess and share their results… the power of the long term. In the upcoming years, we will continue to carve out our path, ever believing and committed, for each and every cause.



Axelle Davezac
CEO of Fondation de France

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