Solidarity with Lebanon: action taken by Fondation de France on the ground


On the very next day after the deadly explosion had struck Lebanon, Fondation de France launched an appeal for public generosity to support the population affected by the disaster. In just one month, over two million euros were collected and six projects on the ground have already received support.

190 fatalities, 6,500 injured and over 300,000 people without a roof over their heads… the impact of the explosion in Beirut on 4 August is nothing short of catastrophic. And the drama has further rocked a country already experiencing a major economic and financial crisis. The challenge of rebuilding the country and kickstarting the economy is simply immense.


© Lucien Lung 

Operating for more than four years now alongside local organisations, Fondation de France has been able to quickly identify and prioritise needs, selecting the best projects able to provide the population with the required support. These include:

  • Providing social and psycho-social support to the most severely affected inhabitants;
  • Supporting economic recovery, notably by helping shopkeepers and SMEs;
  • Helping to renovate private homes and public buildings (schools, libraries, etc.).

In terms of social and psycho-social support, together with Première Urgence Internationale, Fondation de France has launched an emergency aid programme in the form of bank cards credited with amounts adapted to the particular needs of vulnerable families in three districts of the Lebanese capital (Bourj Hammoud, Zafir and Karantina). This system also includes psychological support led by a specialist team, in partnership with the Lebanese organisation Amel. Another Lebanese non-profit organisation, Embrace, takes in and seeks out people suffering from psychological disorders in the affected districts of Beirut.


© Lucien Lung 

Fondation de France is also prioritising the refurbishment of 500 families' homes in the disadvantaged district of Nabaa. It is also participating with other organisations in the reconstruction of the premises of the Libami Liban charity and in the restoration of three public libraries in the Bachoura and Geitawi districts alongside another local organisation, Assabil. These libraries are educational and cultural meeting places serving all the local communities.


L'aide de la Fondation de France va permettre à 500 familles de retrouver un logement décent.  © Lucien Lung 

In order to support economic recovery, an aid programme for small businesses and shopkeepers has been established by the Al Majmoua association with other operators from the city. Financial support will also be provided for some thirty tourism businesses alongside the Jibal charity, to enable them to renovate their premises.


© Lucien Lung 

To implement these projects, Fondation de France is working with local partners already operating on the ground in order to sustainably rebuild a country already severely affected by political and economic crises. Fondation de France will monitor the financial administration and implementation of the projects receiving funding.

Actively providing support in the context of numerous disasters (AZF explosion in 2001, southeast Asia tsunami in 2004, Haiti in 2010, Nepal in 2015, Caribbean in 2017, Aude in 2018…), Fondation de France knows how to respond quickly and effectively to an emergency by identifying the best action to take on the ground, providing support to the affected populations in a coordinated manner in collaboration with other operators. The objective of Fondation de France is to help partner organisations implement sustainable reconstruction with full respect for local realities and resources.Make a donation

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