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Our contribution to sustainable development goals

SDGs have been in the Fondation de France’s DNA since its very beginning

Fighting poverty, improving nutrition, promoting sustainable agriculture, ensuring quality education for everyone, protecting and restoring ecosystems on land and in the sea. These and the rest of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations have been at the very heart of the Fondation de France’s missions for the last 50 years.

Because philanthropy is driven by generational transmission, the Fondation de France and the foundations it shelters work day in day out to build a better world. To get a more accurate view of its contribution, the Fondation de France is passing a new milestone. From 2019, the 10,000 or so general interest projects supported every year by the Fondation de France and the foundations it shelters will be qualified according to their contribution to one or more of the SDGs. “This common language will encourage cooperation between projects, research institutes, other foundations, public agencies, etc. and will, in short, incite collective work. The SDG grid, which has a vast agenda, can help us evaluate how each project contributes to the transition. And also to highlight interactions between goals. Because economic, social and environmental factors are all interlinked,” says Martin Spitz, expert in International Solidarity and Emergency.

In this way, the SDGs are an extra management tool to guide the Fondation de France’s commitment and encourage all project sponsors to adopt this virtuous approach. Indeed, as the leading private source of support for local charitable organizations, the Fondation de France has a duty to support and set an example to associations and project sponsors. “This commitment builds on the environmental incentive we adopted over ten years ago to encourage organizations to reduce the environmental impact of their actions,” says Thierry Gissinger, head of the Environment program. Now, this “e+” support is being rolled out on a more widespread basis: every project sponsor is offered methodological support in the form of three to five days of recommendations on how to improve environmental responsibility, in areas such as energy consumption, protection of biodiversity, transport, etc.”

Some examples of actions

The 10,000 or so projects supported by the Fondation de France all fall within one or more of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Here we take a closer look at a few examples.

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