Des femmes groupées regardent les locaux du projet "Fabrication Maison" de l'association Passage en Image dans le 19ème arrondissement de Paris.

Local development

Improving life at the local level

Against a backdrop of mobility, the concentration of activities and people in urban centers, unemployment, and social exclusion in the country as well as in the city, working for greater cohesion and solidarity among inhabitants, whether at the neighborhood, town or local community level, is a priority.

Thanks to a strong territorial network, the Fondation de France is able to meet with citizens to encourage initiatives that can contribute to local life and that include all members of the population, particularly the most vulnerable ones.

It also supports the growing importance of “territory foundations,” inherited from Anglo-American Community Foundations, which bring together committed residents – individual donors, corporate sponsors, volunteers, organizational leaders – to serve the good of their territory: fighting exclusion and desertification, promoting local heritage and the environment, developing training programs, research and culture, etc.

Finally, the Fondation de France supports many founders who, either privately or professionally, focus their attention on the needs and resources of the area in which they live, their place of origin or their workplace.