Medical research

Fondation de France’s commitment to medical research

Why is medical research important?

For more than 50 years, we have been fighting the injustice inflicted by illness and disease.  Working in close collaboration with scientists, we have made medical research one of the great causes that Fondation de France has supported over the course of its history. Our concern for patients has led us to fund numerous research projects that are directed at achieving better understanding, management, prevention, and recovery for major physical and psychiatric disorders. Collectively, our initiatives pursue the goal of making lasting improvements to everyone’s health.

To promote medical research, each year our councils of experts select research projects with strong potential. The results are tangible: the multidisciplinary collaborations that we support are sources of innovation and decisive advances in the field of public health.

The commitment we have made to medical research is long-term.  Research begun yesterday saves hundreds of lives today and the research of tomorrow will be of use to future generations who will have to rise to meet new challenges.

When research is initiated, it must be recognised that a great deal of time will have to be invested in it. The fact is, great discoveries are made only after a lengthy period of research, rigorous testing, and thorough study. Accordingly, our backing of projects continues for as long as necessary, with commitments of 20 to 30 years in some areas of research. For the same reason, it is essential to undertake today scientific research that will assure and protect the health of tomorrow’s generations.

In this context, Fondation de France takes a special approach to research, which consists of de-compartmentalising various different disciplines, bringing together the best abilities and expertise from each of them in order to understand the subject in all its facets. It is by increasing know-how and trying out new experiments that medical research continues to advance and to improve the daily life of each of us.

Fondation de France’s missions for Medical Research

Fondation de France supports a great deal of research work and encourages  the evolution of medicine and science by making possible the testing of new protocols , the creation of new treatments, and the exploration of paths that are both promising and daring.

Fondation de France gives its support not only to those who are ill, but also to those close to them and to their care-givers by contributing to the improvement of health-care systems. Our goal: to bring forward new ideas and new means for providing care, relief, and support for patients.

Medical research for the fight against cancer

Too many patients still have to face the failure of the treatments they are given. Fondation de France supports research on cancer and its resistance to treatment.  It is essential to explore new scientific hypotheses today so that tomorrow we may succeed in defeating cancer. 

Our research projects in the fight against cancer

Medical research to fight cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular disorders are presently the second leading cause of death in France. In order to better understand them, prevent them, and cure them, Fondation de France backs research that addresses the link between cardiovascular problems and metabolic disruptors (diabetes, dyslipidaemias, problems related to menopause).  And in response to the increased incidence of obesity, Fondation de France also encourages research on its harmful effects on the cardiovascular system.

Our research projects on cardiovascular disease

Medical research to fight Parkinson’s disease

In order to promote the development of new treatments and to stem the secondary effects of the present treatments, we support research that seeks to improve the management of Parkinson’s disease, which today affects 6.5 million people worldwide, of whom 175,000 are in France.

Our research projects aimed at fighting Parkinson’s disease

Medical research tackling eye diseases

At a time when eye diseases have become a major public health problem and a great challenge for modern medicine,  Fondation de France is helping to promote innovative research work in the field of ophthalmology and vision sciences.

Our research projects that are focussed on eye disease

Medical research to fight autism

Fondation de France lends its support to research aimed at a better understanding of the biological, genetic, and psychiatric mechanisms behind autistic disorders. The multidisciplinary research on humans’ cognitive and emotional development that we are backing, though still incomplete, is particularly encouraging.

Our research projects aimed at autism

Medical research to fight psychiatric disorders

In order to effectively fight psychiatric disorders, Fondation de France funds research seeking to better understand the biological, genetic, and environmental roots of different psychiatric pathologies and to find new therapies for them.

Our research projects devoted to psychiatric disorders

Medical research to fight serious illnesses

In response to the constant increase in the number of people afflicted by chronic disease,  Fondation de France is intent on continuing to take innovative steps forward. Patient support, quality of life, pain management, palliative care… Fondation de France promotes research to help people who are seriously or terminally ill, those close to them, and their caregivers.

Our research projects aimed at serious illness

Medical research to identify environmental health risk factors and improve prevention

Polluted air, water, and soil … environmental changes are the source of many pathologies. Fondation de France, which has been active on this issue for more than 10 years, funds research studying the impact of environmental factors on health.

Our research projects on health and the environment

Medical research for the development of technical sciences

Technical innovation is a central element of scientific research. Improving the equipment available to researchers, and then to patients, is essential. Fondation de France, in promoting technological advances and the common good, puts people first.

Our research projects to promote technical sciences

A network of foundations hosted by Fondation de France that are backing researchers

Fondation de France hosts around 160 foundations that are focussed on medical research. The support these foundations provide makes it possible to assure continuing advances in research on various pathologies where funding is most needed.

Foundations that are involved in medical research