Ubelka la fée du pont, au chemin des fées à la Vallée de l'Huveaune, par Lucy et Jorge Orta.


Promoting art and culture

In a society where accelerating scientific and technological progress is profoundly changing mankind’s relationship to the world, culture and art have become decisive factors of development. A dual movement provides evidence of this:

- stakeholders from the social, health, educational and environmental sectors are launching more and more initiatives that include artistic and cultural practices;

- many artists concerned with social issues are getting involved alongside members of civil society in artistic production.

That is why the Fondation de France and the foundations under its aegis are developing numerous programs to enable citizens to take initiatives and assume the responsibility of commissioning works of art, encouraging research on the challenges of contemporary design, contributing to the promotion of heritage, and supporting the professionalization of emerging artists in diverse disciplines: the graphic and plastic arts, music, literature, arts and crafts, etc.