All United Against Coronavirus: Fondation de France, AP-HP and Institut Pasteur join forces


In the alliance "All United Against Coronavirus", Fondation de France, Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris (AP-HP) and Institut Pasteur have decided to join forces and mobilize their entire network. Given the enormous number of needs, a call for solidarity is launched to support healthcare workers, researchers and help the most vulnerable. The donations collected will be used to help healthcare workers - whether in hospitals or not-, to finance research projects as well as to support local social professionals and charities working with the most vulnerable.​

Support for medical research, support for the health of the most fragile, support for the most precarious, fight against the isolation of the elderly… The health crisis that we are experiencing gives these causes a particular sharpness. Fondation de France has decided to mobilize its network of donor-advised funds to increase action and to carry out immediate actions, such as the purchase of medical equipment. Fondation de France has also decided to modify its action programs to respond to the needs of those first affected by this crisis: healthcare workers on the front line to fight the disease, and the most vulnerable.

Given the importance of the needs, Fondation de France launches COVID-19 relief efforts

In the first phase of the crisis, your contributions will allow us to increase our actions to support research and help healthcare workers and the most vulnerable.

Support to healthcare workers will include:

  • the purchase of medical equipment to increase the reception capacity of hospitals across France,
  • the deployment of local services to help healthcare workers in their daily lives,
  • the setting up of psychological support units to help healthcare workers to cope with the extreme conditions they face.

Support to researchers will focus on 3 priority fronts:

  • diagnosis, in order to identify and take care of the patients as soon as possible,
  • identifying and developing effective treatments to improve the cure rate,
  • prevention, thanks to the development of a vaccine.

Reinforced support to local charities will help vulnerable people who are dramatically isolated by the health situation, such as:

  • the elderly confined to their own homes or in nursing homes (examples of support: phone listening services, digital solutions to maintain care, in particular for the stimulation of Alzheimer’s patients, etc.),
  • homeless people (support of solutions to help them shelter),
  • people with mental disorders whose care must be absolutely maintained, though confined (help with video consultations, dedicated telephone lines, etc.),
  • all fragile people whose isolation can be eased thanks to the charities that we usually support.

« Faced with the many challenges that are ours today and those that we will have to face in the coming weeks and the next months, our conviction becomes a certainty: never in our modern history, we have so much needed mutual help and solidarity​ », underlines Axelle Davezac, Director General of Fondation de France.

Beyond the crisis: your contributions will allow us to help charities to resume their activities with the most vulnerable

In a second step, Fondation de France will endeavor to restore all of their capacities to actors on the ground, in particular small charities that this crisis will weaken. Their actions will be even more essential to help vulnerable people, whose number will unfortunately considerably increase.

Fondation de France will monitor all the projects supported. Information on the actions carried out and reports will be posted on our website.

You can support our action from the USA and Europe:

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- If you wish to contribute from Europe through Transnational Giving Europe (TGE):
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