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Toute l'actualité de la Fondation de France

À La Une

21 Jun.2024

La philanthropie, alliée de la démocratie

Urgence climatique, inégalités sociales, crises humanitaires… La philanthropie s’attache à relever les grands défis de nos sociétés, tout en œuvrant à les rendre plus inclusives et plus justes, respectueuses des différences, des droits de chacun et...

09 Jun.2024

Hommage à Christophe Deloire

C’est avec une grande tristesse que nous avons appris le décès brutal de Christophe Deloire. A la tête de Reporters Sans Frontières, il s’est engagé sans relâche pour défendre la liberté de la presse et le droit à l’information, socles de la...

31 May.2024

La Fondation Chaillot au service de la danse comme art du lien

Accompagner le déploiement du nouveau projet artistique et démocratique de Chaillot - Théâtre national de la Danse, telle est la principale mission de la Fondation Chaillot, abritée à la Fondation de France et lancée à l'occasion d'un événement le...

21 May.2024

Committed to Culture

Promoting access, fostering artistic creation, sharing culture, preserving heritage... At Fondation de France, culture ranks as the third-largest cause, with 250 donor-advised funds dedicated to this sector. In 2024 alone, contributions of €25...

25 Apr.2024

« Encourager les jeunes créateurs à poursuivre leur trajectoire artistique » - Philippe Oulmont

Créée il y a 40 ans, la fondation Charles Oulmont accompagne les artistes dans quatre disciplines : littérature, théâtre et arts du spectacle, musique et arts plastiques. Elle remet chaque année 10 prix pour l'ensemble de ses domaines artistiques...

23 Apr.2024

Le 4 juin, participez à La Nuit des Relais de la Fondation des Femmes à Bordeaux

La Nuit des Relais de la Fondation des Femmes revient à Bordeaux le mardi 4 juin 2024 à partir de 18h sur la Place Pey-Berland !

28 Mar.2024

Bienvenue aux nouvelles fondations !

Le 19 mars dernier, la Fondation de France accueillait 17 nouvelles fondations abritées lors d’une journée de bienvenue. L’occasion pour les nouveaux fondateurs de se rencontrer et de faire leurs premiers pas de philanthropes.

27 Feb.2024

Solidarité Maroc : sur le terrain avec l’association Elkhir

Près de six mois après le séisme d’une ampleur exceptionnelle qui a frappé le Maroc, une équipe de la Fondation de France s’est rendue sur place. Rencontre avec Souad, responsable de l’association Elkhir.

23 Feb.2024

Prévenir et agir face aux crises : la Fondation de France sur le terrain au Népal

Le 16 février dernier, dans le cadre d’une mission au Népal, Karine Meaux, responsable Urgences de la Fondation de France, est intervenue en ouverture du Forum Social Mondial (FSM) à Katmandou.

22 Dec.2023

Séminaire « Habitat partagé et solidaire » : renforcer les liens entre tous les acteurs

Depuis 2021, la Fondation de France expérimente un nouveau programme autour de l’habitat partagé et solidaire. Les 15 et 16 novembre derniers, les 12 associations qui participent à cette expérimentation ont été réunies à l’occasion d’un séminaire...

10 Jun.2022

Sports: a faithful ally of health!

With its Sports, Health and Social Integration Program, Fondation de France is mobilizing to combat the sedentary lifestyle and make physical activity a tool that can improve quality of life. An innovative approach that is gaining ground.

23 May.2022

Borderless mobilization for the environment

Alors que les pays du Sud sont très fortement exposés aux conséquences du changement climatique, plusieurs fondations abritées s'engagent pour le développement de nouveaux modèles de production agricole et d'activités économiques durables.

29 Apr.2022

Dance, music, art – Initiatives that support emerging young talent

Every year, Fondation de France and its donor-advised funds support emerging young talent from all disciplines, including dance, music and art. We take a look at three representative projects.

22 Apr.2022

Fondation de France on the frontline: supporting young people in difficulty

Social distancing had a huge impact on the frequency and quality of our daily interactions, and certain social connections simply disappeared.

22 Apr.2022

How can we work together better in the Sahel?

On April 20, Fondation de France organized a video conference with 12 donor-advised funds working in the Sahel region, to discuss the specifics of the projects carried out there. Tertius Zongo, the prime minister of Burkina Faso from 2007 to 2011,...

15 Apr.2022

Culture: Innovations at Fondation de France and its donor-advised funds

Philanthropy players are stepping up to encourage all forms of creation and make culture more accessible. Here are some highlights of Fondation de France’s and its donor-advised funds’ commitments.

13 Apr.2022

Fondation Philharmonie de Paris: a project for kids

When the Philharmonie des Enfants (the Children’s Philharmonic) opened in September, Fondation de la Philharmonie confirmed the part it plays in cultural innovation.

08 Apr.2022

Laureates Concert 2022: celebrating 14 young musicians

On April 7, 2022, 14 musicians, supported by eight of Fondation de France’s donor-advised funds, were awarded prizes at the National Conservatory of Music and Dance in Paris.

29 Mar.2022

Laurence Fischer: “Receiving philanthropic support made me feel I was understood”

Laurence Fischer is a three-time world karate champion. In 2017, she created Fight for Dignity, a nonprofit that offers adapted karate training to women who have been victims of violence.

23 Mar.2022

Fondation de France and donor-advised funds honor 14 researchers for their innovative work

Every year, Fondation de France and 130 donor-advised funds support numerous medical research projects. In 2021, they committed close to 30 million euros. A look at a few of these innovative projects.

04 Mar.2022

Housing – living better together and saving the planet

Sub-standard housing, made worse by the pandemic, affects health, family relationships and social and professional integration, among other issues.

03 Mar.2022

Portrait of Rudi Osman, volunteer with the Migrant Solidarity Committee

Rudi Osman is a journalist and founder of the Union for Exiled Students. Named Obama Foundation Europe Leader in 2022, he has been a volunteer for Fondation de France’s Migrant Solidarity Committee for two years. A portrait.

03 Mar.2022

Neurodegenerative diseases: Foundations standing by the side of researchers

Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis – neurodegenerative or related diseases that affect the central nervous system concern over one million people in France. Every year, some 250,000 new cases are registered in France.

03 Mar.2022

Prison – is poverty the only possible future?

On February 17, a day of interactions and debate on the topic of custodial sentences in France, the following report was presented: “Prison as the lowest social rung.” The study revealed a pernicious cycle of poverty and prison.

24 Feb.2022

Prison – supporting prisoners’ rehabilitation over the long term

With more than 69,000 prisoners, equivalent to one French resident in a thousand, France still holds one of the highest custodial rates in Europe.

14 Feb.2022

► Hope for more effective treatment to combat aggressive brain tumors

At the International Cancer Day for Children, the focus was on the research carried out by Dr. Celio Pouponnot and his team to treat particularly aggressive brain tumors in very small children.

03 Feb.2022

Medical research: the crucial role of philanthropy

In France, 18% of foundations are dedicated to medical and health research, and these issues account for 47% of all foundations’ expenditures. These figures are a testimony to the growing role of philanthropy in the prevention and treatment of...

26 Dec.2021

Care Design, beautiful and inclusive

Objects, shapes, colors – how can they help vulnerable people live their lives fully, remain independent and engage in social interaction?

27 Dec.2021

► MaMaMa: helping women and babies facing great hardship

In the Greater Paris area, around 50,000 babies are estimated to need emergency food. During the first lockdown, many women found themselves in even greater difficulty to provide their children’s basic needs.

20 Dec.2021

Bravo to the Eloquentia artists!

The final of the international Eloquentia contest, supported by Fondation de France, was held on the stage of the Bataclan concert venue in Paris on December 17. Four finalists battled for the title of the “Best French-speaking orator in 2021.”

17 Dec.2021

Solidarity with migrants: “support for the long term, not just during emergencies”

December 18 is International Migrants Day. An opportunity to look back on Fondation de France’s commitment to those most vulnerable, no matter where they come from.

17 Dec.2021

Mental health – innovating for better support

Shaken by the pandemic, and before that by the lack of resources, the mental health sector is changing substantially.  Mental illness is less stigmatized, those involved are increasingly included in society and there are new forms of support.

24 Nov.2021

At the École des Semeurs, students cultivate ecology!

At the École des Semeurs (the Growing School) in the Eure district, young people who are failing at school learn how to enjoy learning again by training to work in organic farming.

01 Oct.2021

Foundations committed to helping music thrive

Because it moves us, transports us and brings us together, we need music more than ever. On the International Music Day on October 1, we find out how three recent donor-advised funds decided to take action for and thanks to musical creation.

21 Sep.2021

Live and grow old in a community

How to grow old without losing control of one’s life? How to get care, protection and health services without becoming isolated, deprived of one’s free will, one’s liberty, or being excluded from society?

15 Sep.2021

Alzheimer’s disease: a home where patients can grow old together

To mark World Alzheimer’s Day, a report on the Maison des Sages (Home of the Wise), an innovative approach to collective housing for older people suffering from this illness.

03 Sep.2021

Beyond projects, reinforcing the capacities of nonprofits

How can we take lasting action in the field of international development? By supporting the emergence and structuring of a network of civil society actors, locally.

01 Sep.2021

My Human Kit, the fab lab that helps disabled people take control again

In Rennes, the My Human Kit fab lab helps those with a disability design objects that improve their daily lives.

01 Sep.2021

Reading – the key to success!

Reading is the first step on the road to knowledge, and illiteracy can lead straight to inequality.

18 Jun.2021

Unaccompanied minors – hope for a better future

In 2020, there were nearly 80 million refugees and displaced people. A record. And that figure includes an increasing number of young people.

05 May.2020

United – to stop early school leaving

When faced with school closures, not all children react the same. Along with its partners, Fondation de France supports those most at risk, so they don’t leave the classroom permanently.  

10 Jun.2020

« There is an urgent need to act sustainably » by Axelle Davezac

In 2019 Fondation de France celebrated its 50th anniversary. Being 50 today means experience, maturity… and plans for the future!

24 Jun.2021

Foundations committed to creativity, access and sharing

Whether it’s helping artists, lending a hand with big productions and restoration projects, making it easier to find venues or create a connection with the public – culture is one of philanthropy’s biggest causes! We take a look at three...

20 Apr.2021

Health and climate: an essential relationship

On April 8, 2021, the third “Climate Wakeup” (Reveil Climat) conference was held online. A monthly webinar organized by the Coalition Française des Fondations pour le Climat (Coalition of French Foundations for the Climate, or CFFC), this latest...

30 Mar.2021

Medical research: now more than ever, support for all fields is essential

For over 50 years, Fondation de France and many of its donor-advised funds have stood by the side of researchers.

26 Mar.2021

Helping mothers and protecting their babies, off the streets

Fondation de France welcomes and looks after young, homeless mothers and their newborns, to help women who are in distress or living in great poverty. 

17 Mar.2021

Mental health is everyone’s business!

Stress, depression, dark thoughts, mental burnout ... for more than a year, the Covid pandemic has had an impact on everyone’s mental health.

01 Mar.2021

Sports, a springboard for getting back on one’s feet

  To help those most vulnerable rebuild their lives and reclaim their bodies, Fondation de France has launched a call for projects: “Women and Sports – For a Fresh Start!”

25 Nov.2020

Two different points of view on loneliness

Fondation de France believes that loneliness must be dealt with as locally as possible and that problems generated by vulnerability should be tackled.

18 Nov.2020

Children’s rights - three projects for a better future

November 20 is World Children’s Day. For the past 13 years, Fondation de France has supported projects to help every child grow up and flourish in the right environment.

09 Nov.2020

Palliative care, a pioneering approach from Fondation de France

Detecting society’s problems early and contributing tangible solutions to address them is one of Fondation de France’s key characteristics.

30 Oct.2020

Digitization – technology that encourages inclusion for disabled people

On October 29, the Disability and Inclusion Program organized its third workshop to share views and best practices on the issue of disability and new technologies.

06 Oct.2020

Respite for carers so they can strengthen their bond with the cared-for

In France, there are over 8 million people who, on a daily basis, take care of a loved one due to their age, their handicap, or their dependence. Carers play a valuable role in our society, but one that is also difficult to cope with.

05 Oct.2020

Inclusive accommodation for shared housing

Fifteen years ago, Fondation de France created its Housing program. We review here one of its activities: developing shared housing experiences that combine access to accommodation and social interaction.

23 Sep.2020

“Our lifestyles account for 90% of risk”

The crushing majority of cardiovascular diseases are linked to atherosclerosis, in other words, fatty deposits appearing on the walls of arteries which can lead to heart attacks and cerebrovascular accidents (strokes), among other conditions. To...

06 Jul.2020

A social media ambassador brigade to support at-risk young people

During the Covid-19 crisis, the Maison des adolescents (Teenager House) in Strasbourg managed to keep in contact with young people. This organization, dedicated to helping 11 to 25-year-olds, recruited a brigade of ambassadors who took to social...

02 Apr.2020

The Maisons des Enfants (The Children’s Houses) de la Côte d’Opale, during lockdown

The Maisons des Enfants de la Côte d'Opale (on the French North Coast) currently host 74 children living in-house who can no longer live with their parents and are entrusted to legal and administrative authorities.

06 Feb.2020

Kiera Chaplin: “Education is a weapon to combat the crime of excision”!

United Nations figures are stark: Two hundred million women in the world have been excised and three million girls are likely to suffer this mutilation each year!

04 Feb.2020

► Developing first-aid in mental health

In France, one in four people is affected by a mental disorder in their lifetime. People with severe mental disorders often suffer from isolation, stigmatization, discrimination, etc.

09 Dec.2019

Human rights: Fondation de France taking action on all fronts

« Les êtres humains naissent libres et égaux, en droits et en dignité. » C'est ce principe fondamental que consacrait en 1948 la Déclaration universelle des droits de l'Homme. 

04 Jul.2019

Citad’elles, a unique magazine produced for and by women prisoners

In the Rennes prison, with the help of independent graphic designers and journalists, women prisoners serving long sentences produce a magazine with a difference. 

10 Dec.2018

FFmed, a Fund for all women in the Mediterranean region

Since it was created, ten years ago, the FFmed works to promote the development of women’s rights in the Mediterranean region.

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