About us

50 years serving every cause

“For 50 years, the Fondation de France has demonstrated philanthropy’s effectiveness. In fields as diverse as the environment, palliative care, autism, and employment it has proved that civil society’s creativity, determination and ability to act over the long term can create game-changing solutions to the challenges of our society. Over these 50 years, the Fondation de France has built a powerful general interest network, made up of 180,000 projects, 857 sheltered foundations, 200 employees and 600 volunteers, and based on a foundation without which nothing can be built: confidence.

This confidence is a source of pride for us but, more importantly, it binds us for the future. Because our commitment, for today as for tomorrow, is to give everyone the possibility of exercising their power to act for the general interest, to influence the way things go, and to take care of what is vital for our society: the quality of social ties and an environmentally-friendly growth model. With the new forms of commitment that are emerging, methods of taking action are changing, becoming more agile, more innovative, more participative. But we have not forgotten our performance requirements!

At the Fondation de France we have set ourselves new challenges to ensure we meet the expectations of all those who wish to take action with us. This is the purpose of the Projet de Fondation (Foundation Project), launched in 2018 and supported by all those at the Fondation de France. Our aim is to continue to be a catalyst of energy for the next 50 years, supporting all forms of generosity and commitment to serve the general interest.”


Axelle Davezac is the Executive Director at the Fondation de France